Düsseldorf in the heart of Europe

MAIRON in Düsseldorf

Typical Düsseldorf? Who doesn't think of to the Kö straight away? or Altbier and the longest bar in the world? But we can do even more! We do not come in white coats but in red overalls and take your shipment personally received with our own fleet.

Branch features:

Your personal Düsseldorf Team

Jürgen Seidel

Managing director

Brigitte Seidel

Managing director

Andreas Vogelpoth

Head of sales

Member of the Executive Board

Romy Migels

Head of Accounting

and good soul of the office

Patrick Schmitz

Head of Air Freight Import

Audited transport expert

Sven Meyer

Head of Airfreight Export

The all-rounder in the MAIRON team. Whether import, export, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt or Hamburg, Audited Transport Expert