Environmental consciousness

As an environmentally conscious company, at MAIRON we understand the impact that the logistics industry is having on the environment. As an internationally operating company we acknowledge that we have an obligation to minimise and mitigate the negative impact our business can have on the environment; a responsibility we are fully committed to fulfilling. To Help us in fulfilling this commitment we have set up a number of initiatives.

Environmental initiatives

Vehicle fleet
All of our cars are run using either natural gas, petrol or Diesel Class EURO6. Our Van is fuelled with natural gas and is the only one in use in our Area that is in operations for freight forwarders.
We also had the first 15 ton MAN truck which runs using Diesel that fulfils the EURO6 standard.

Modern Partners
We only use airlines who operate with a modern air fleet to improve the efficiency of the emissions

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
We only use essential paper for printing, otherwise all documents used are in our own electronic file system.
We operate a consistent reuse and recycling policy.

Pilot Project
In KLM's Pilot Project we are the first freight forwarder who uses electronic air waybills instead of paper air waybills in Germany.

All our staff who commit to use a bicycle for their commute to the office gets a free eBike for their personal and business use.